Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The latest situation graphic of Daesh's assault in Deir Ez-Zour city shows the military airport has now been isolated from the city (17/1/17)

Daesh has now completed it assault to split the military airport in Deir Ez-Zour from the city itself. ----------------------------- Daesh has also been attempting to assault assad mercenaries on Tall Baraq, which overlooks the positions of the 137th Brigade, this will be a very difficult position to overrun however. ---------------------------- Image two shows the assad terror regime's tribute image to Colonel Bashar Halag, who was promoted to Brigadier General after his death in Deir Ez-Zour on Jan 16th, '16 ---------------------------- Image three shows General Samir Amin Ali, who was killed in Deir Ez-Zour city on Jan 17th, '17

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