Monday, 23 January 2017

The latest situation graphic of Deir EzZour City shows Daesh has advanced against assad puppet forces into the Panorama area (22/1/17)

The area highlighted in blue shows the 'Panorama' area of Deir EzZour City which has been captured by Daesh since 21st, Jan, '17 --------------------------------- The entire airbase/airport pocket perimeter is shown as contested (highlighted in purple). --------------------------------- Russian aircraft have been heavily bombing Deir EzZour for three days now, and reinforcements are being flown from Damascus to Qamishlo airfield, (Image one). so it is unlikely Daesh will make any further gains. --------------------------------- The Russian barbarians have been bombing battle-fronts, such as the cemetery hills area, and residential areas alike --------------------------------- Daesh killed 16 regime loyalists at the Panorama roundabout, (Image three), but have withdrawn from it after heavy Russian air attacks --------------------------------- Conscripts and NDF militiamen who fled from the battle fronts are being executed by assad death squads

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