Tuesday, 5 July 2016

First Coastal Division freedom fighters destroy an assad regime bulldozer, with a TOW ATGM: Tell Bashoura (3/7/2016)

The assad regime relies upon earthmovers and bulldozers to construct defensive berms and firing positions in the territory it occupies across Syria. Here one such vehicle is attacked with a TOW ATGM on the Tell Bashoura front, in Latakia Governorate

Faylaq Al-Sham freedom fighters knock out an assad regime earthmover, with a TOW ATGM: Al-Hader (3/7/2016)

On the Al-Hader front in southern Aleppo, an earthmover which is being used to construct a defensive berm is knocked out with a TOW ATGM. Faylaq Al-Sham is one of the largest and most active Syrian resistance groups battling the Iranian led shiite mercenaries across southern Aleppo

Jaish Al-Islam freedom fighters advance against shiite mercenaries in Eastern Ghouta (4/7/2016)

Freedom fighters of rebel group Jaish Al-Islam advance on the Bahariya-Midaa front in Eastern Ghouta. The majority of Tehran's foreign fighters in Eastern Ghouta are shiite Iraqi and shiite Afghan Hazarans, although there are some remnants of assad regime forces there.