Saturday, 14 January 2017

An image of a Yemeni citizen who was dragged behind a car by Houthi shiite terrorists in Ibb

As their military situation in Yemen worsens by the week, Tehran's Houthi shiite terrorists have commenced random acts of murder -------------------------------- This victim was dragged behind a car in Ibb -------------------------------- Yemen nationalist forces have today (14/1/17) liberated Tabishah, Judmiyah, Qirtas, and Hinayah villages during their advance west of Taiz City -------------------------------- Image two shows nationalist freedom fighters posing after the Mandabah area was liberated from the Houthis, who retreated to their stronghold of Baqim -------------------------------- Also confirmed today is the withdrawal of houthi terrorists from Dhubab, which had until today been a stronghold

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