Sunday, 9 April 2017

Images of more assad regime mercenaries who have been destroyed in the Manshiyah area of Dara'a City (April 8th, '17

Syrian freedom fighters have captured 132 buildings from assad mercenaries during the past week in the Manshiyah area of Dara's City, and at least 60 mercenaries have been destroyed. ------------------ As ever, the regime has responded with a series of random terror raids on the citizens of Dara'a City. ------------------ Note the Russian gas mask in image one. These are issued to all mercenaries who are sent by the regime to contested areas of Syria, as a precaution against the many attacks the regime mounts with Chlorine bombs, and nerve agents ------------------ Image 7 is a list of 15 regime fighters who were destroyed in Manshiyah on April 8th, '17. -------------- The first name is that of Colonel Essam Taher Kaddour, who is seen in image 8

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