Thursday, 2 March 2017

Images of assad terror regime commanders, recently confirmed killed

Image One) Brigadier General Mohamed Salama, commander of the Ba'ath terror gangs in eastern Hamah, killed on Feb 21st, '17 -------------------------------- Image two) Shiite militia commander, Omar Ghassan Jardi, killed in eastern Homs Governorate on Feb 20th, '17 -------------------------------- Image three) Colonel Mohamed Abed, killed in Dara'a City on Feb 21st. '17 -------------------------------- Image four) Brigadier General Abdelkarim Yussuf Mohamed, killed in rural eastern Aleppo on Feb 28th, '17. -------------------------------- Image five) Brigadier General Bilal Mubarak, killed in Qaboun on Feb 28th, '17 -------------------------------- Image six) Hezbollah commander Khalol Marji, killed in Manshiyah on Feb 25th, '17

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